Terms And Conditions

This is the official website of Amara Clinic by Dr. Purva. It has been developed to provide general public information to its clients on the topic of Dentistry, Cosmetology, Trichology, and cosmetic practices. It is to clarify that the terms and conditions provided by Amara Clinic will only cover its affiliated and associated companies, directors, officers, employees, cyber doctors, and clients.


All references included in the official website will be considered as a reference made by the clinic. Hence, any individual using or accessing the website, and/or availing of the services provided by the associates in Amara shall be deemed as “user or client”.


Following we have mentioned some terms and conditions that will regulate your usage of the website. By utilizing the website of Amara, you will be required to accept these terms and conditions in all their entirety. If you disagree with any part of our terms and conditions, you must refrain from using our website.


Documentation and information terms:


All the documents and information displayed on the website include an overview of the methodology incorporated in the treatment. Hence, it is for reference purposes only. Moreover, the content on the website is updated continually keeping in lieu with the trends in the cosmetic industry. Although Amara keeps its information accurate and timely, nonetheless, no representation made on the website, warranties as well as guarantee are made as to the accuracy, adequacy, completeness, suitability, and reliability of the applicability of the text, graphics, information, hyperlinks, and any other items that may be contained on this particular server or any other server.


Copyright terms:


If not stated otherwise, the copyright and all intellectual property rights of the materials found or posted on the site, including, although not limited to text, video, graphical images or audio, trademarks, and logo as well are the property of Amara Clinic. These are protected under the applicable Indian laws. Commercial usage of these website materials is thus prohibited without the written permission of the company. Hence, if one downloads any materials or contents from the website of Amara Clinic will do so at their discretion and risk. Nothing contained on the website should be taken as construction to grant any license or right to use it without the trademark. Written permission is a must for the protection of intellectual property. So, any other materials that are displayed on the website of Amara Clinic that falls under the category of being protected as intellectual property will be deemed the asset of Amara.


Website terms:


The user should not, under any circumstances whatsoever, use the website to send or post any materials or messages through the website. The texts that are defamatory, unlawful, abusive, indecent, harassing, harmful, hurtful, vulgar, racially offensive, threatening, profane, or to any extent violate the applicable law of basic rights should be restrained. Hence, you are withdrawn from using this website in any way that could cause damage to the impairment of the availability or accessibility of the website. Thus, the usage of context related to unlawful, illegal, fraudulent, or harmful purposes or activities, must be restrained. The user must understand that the usage of the website may or may not be accessible or access may be interrupted because of technical difficulties or otherwise. Hence, Amara will not be held responsible for any failure by the user to access the website owing to such failure, or delay in accession.


Payment Terms:


The user must comprehend and should agree with the service provided by Amara Clinic. The service will only commence on payment of the fees for the services themselves. Hence, Amara will hold the authority to terminate the services provided to the user in case of non-payment or delay of payment.


Additional terms:


  • The client must not sell, rent, or sub-license material from the website.
  • The user must not reproduce, duplicate, copy or exploit the products given by the experts of Amara for a commercial purpose.


Please Note:


  • Your use of any information or materials that are found on the website is entirely at your own risk. Hence, Amara will not be liable.
  • The website includes materials that are owned by or licensed to us. These materials tend to include design, layout, look, graphics, logo. So, the reproduction of such items is prohibited.