Vampire Facial

A vampire facial, or scientifically, rather known as platelet-rich plasma, or PRP treatment is a procedure that seeks to use the patient’s blood to heal and repair their dead skin. Normally, the procedure in Amara includes the skin specialist extracting blood from the patient. It then undergoes a spinning procedure so that the separation of the plasma can take place. This scientifically proven method has been deemed by numerous recipients as one of the most effective methods of skin treatment for skin lift.

Carbon Laser Facial

Laser treatment has become one of those methods that will continue to leave its mark in skincare treatment. This particular laser treatment done in Amara, rather known as CLF is a non-abrasive laser skin treatment. It makes use of scientifically backed methods to rejuvenate skin. What the specialists in Amara do is use conductive qualities of carbon to exfoliate, cleanse, clear as well as thoroughly get rid of dead skin cells painlessly. It helps in tightening the pores and brightening as well as even out the skin tone. With one session, you will see your skin vetting rejuvenated and radiant.

Crystal Glow Facial

The crystal glow facial is a procedure that generally includes Microdermabrasion. It is a procedure that uses a minimally abrasive instrument so that the underlying sand on your skin can be removed gently. Moreover, it removes the thicker, and somewhat uneven outer layers of the dirt in order to make the face appear more rejuvenated, clean, and safe. If you are suffering from light scarring on your face, or are a victim of discoloration, sun damage, and even stretch marks, then the procedure of microdermabrasion will assist you in enlightening it properly. The experts in Amara will help you get this procedure at a cost-effective rate.

Photo Facial

How much can your sunscreen protect? No matter the SPF, to some extent, your skin may get affected by direct sunlight. In that case, try Photo Facial by Amara. It is one of those holistic methods that make use of laser light effectively. With that being said, the photo facial is a treatment that includes laser light to treat men and women alike to remove any excessive brown spots and sun damage. Another aim of photo facial is to increase the production of collagen. First, the specialist in Amara will determine your skin type, assess the damage received by Sun, the amount of sunspot your skin has, and depending on your age, an effective treatment procedure will be decided.

Fire & Ice Facial – Exclusive

Keeping your skin hydrated is very important as it is the key to gaining plump and ever-glowing skin. If you want a fast-paced effective result, you should go forward to seeking the fire and ice facial treatment. If you want your skin to be extensively hydrated, Fire and Ice facial treatment is what you should go for. This variation of facial is an intensive clinical treatment specifically designed to resurface the skin without harming it. The effects reached after the facial are rapid and safe. It helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines while smoothing the skin. In other words, the experts will tend to soften the skin while promoting cellular renewal. You can get it at a cheaper price in Amara.

HydraFacial Therapy

The need to keep our skin hydrated has always been a norm that almost everyone swears by. This notion has fueled the success of multiple moisturizing products. However, if you want a quick result, you should seek HydraFacial therapy. HydraFacial therapy is famous among many because of its focus on treating the skin using patented devices. These devices are used by our experts to exfoliate, cleanse, extract as well as hydrate the skin by penetrating layers of dead skin and dirt. This system utilizes the vortex swirling action so that hydration can penetrate the skin. It also removes the dead skin, the underlying dirt, and other impurities that lay there. The touch of expertise will clean and smoothen the skin deeply.

Led Therapy

LED or light-emitting diode therapy falls under skincare treatment. It uses varying wavelengths of light to stimulate cellular activities. Our experts in Amara may use red and blue LED light to stimulate the fibroblasts that are responsible for the production of collagen. With the incitement of collagen, your skin will be able to attain a plump appearance while minimizing the fine lines as well as wrinkles. If the overgrowing skin lines and wrinkles on your face are worrying you, this is what you seek. Moreover, this treatment is also effective in eradicating sun-damaged skin, stretch marks while reducing the redness of your skin. However, depending on the gravity of how the skin is affected, one may need aggressive treatment as well.

HF Therapy

HF therapy or rather known as High-Frequency Therapy is generally a popular skincare procedure that can be performed to treat a variety of different conditions. These conditions include acne, enlarged pores, wrinkles, fine lines, and puffy or dark eyes. The treatment strives toward managing these facial complications. It has been believed that high-frequency therapy is effective on any form of skin lesion starting from burns to acne. The gentle and therapeutic approach is essential for rejuvenating the skin as it stimulates cell renewal and improves the absorption of the skincare products by heightening the penetration. The experts in Amara will use this timeless, and non-invasive treatment to calm acne breakouts and shrink enlarged pores.

Anti-ageing Treatment

Gone are the days when one put their faith into moisturizer-based cosmeceutical skincare products. These products are empty promises wrapped up in nothingness. However, if you want effective results, you should move towards seeking anti-aging treatment from the specialists in Amara. Here, multiple variations of anti-aging treatments are sought, starting from botox treatment, to laser resurfacing treatment, from fillers to HF, depending on the budget and sought effects, the specialist will draw a practical treatment for you. All you have to do is consult our specialist now.


Who doesn’t know what botox is? Thanks to the “idiot box” and the influence of modernism, the concept of botox have reached every lip in the world. Although everyone knows how botox is used for reducing the wrinkles on the face, scientifically, it is a different story. The experts in Amara will try to make the botox cosmetic surgery work by temporarily blocking the nerve signals as well as muscle contractions. It will improve the appearance of the wrinkles situated around the eyes as well as between the brows. Moreover, the temporal blockage will try to prevent the formation of lines on your face by the contraction of facial muscles. The procedure is minimally invasive so you will not have a hard time.


Seeing your skin giveaway is nothing but a conjecture that could lead to mental downfall. If you are not happy with excessively increasing wrinkles and overcrowding frowning lines on your face, then choose dermal fillers in Amara. Normally the fillers will be composed of a variety of substances. Some of these substances may be natural, meanwhile, some can be synthetic as well. Depending on the case study and the treatment method, the substance will be chosen. One of the most common compounds, however, chosen by our specialist is hyaluronic acid. As it is a naturally occurring substance that is already found in human skin, it will play a major role in keeping your skin hydrated as well as volumized.

Pigmentation Removal

Hyperpigmentation is the culmination of an increase in melanin. Normally, melanin is the natural pigment that is responsible for giving our skin, hair, and eyes their distinct color. Although several factors could trigger the production of melanin. For example, exposure to the sun, hormonal influences as well as age, and skin injuries or inflammation can cause hyperpigmentation. Depending on the cause of the hyperpigmentation, the dermatologist in our clinic will chart out a treatment plan suited for your skin type and medical history. As there is quite some method followed in our clinic, starting from laser treatment to prescribing topical creams, the treatment methodology may differ from one patient to another.

Melasma Treatment

It is believed that there lie two main causes of melasma. One of them is the effects of radiation, be it ultraviolet, visible light, or even infrared heat, while the other is a drastic change in hormones. Depending on the source of the increase in melasma, a treatment chart made by the specialist in Amara will be issued specially for you. A common medication that may be included in your treatment is Hydroquinone. Secondary treatment methods suggested by the specialist may include Tretinoin and corticosteroids and other topical medicines. Depending on the severity of the melasma and the source of the issue, the dermatologist will prescribe the medication and treatment plan.

Under Eye Dark Circles

Under-eye dark circles are a curse almost every one of us is affected with. Be it overseeing, or extreme fatigue, anything can work up as a triggering point for the development of under-eye dark circles. Although sleep deprivation is one of the most common issues that can cause your skin to be more dull and pale comparatively, this factor allows the dark tissues as well as the blood vessel situated beneath the slim to show the dark spot. Experts in Amara use myriads of ways to treat under-eye dark circles. From using a scientifically-backed method of chemical peels that contains certain exfoliants for traveling the blackness under the eye to PRP treatment and an extensively utilized method performed using the laser to reduce the development of dark circles, you will get guided throughout the way to achieve a dark-circle free face.


Although not life-threatening, blemishes can bear a psychological bearing on the patient. A blemish is generally a type of mark, spot, or any form of discoloration that appears on the skin. It is a flaw that may be unsightly and emotionally unsettling. However, blemishes are treatable as most of them are benign. The fastest way to get rid of blemishes is to rely on the words of experts. The dermatologist in Amara will lay out a medication plan that may include Medi-Facials like Fire and Ice Facial, Hydrafacial Therapy, and PRP or Vampirefacial for the individual based on the source of the spots. Normally, the medication may include the usage of topical creams that can get rid of acne-causing bacteria. However, depending on the gravity of the demarcation, the methodology of therapy may change over time.

Acne and Acne Scars Treatment

Acne is a common issue noticed in youngsters as well as adults. To fight such a common issue, the experts in Amara have chosen a not-so-conventional method. For starters, they conduct an analysis session where they assess the condition of the skin of the individual. After checking the skin thoroughly, they come up with a treatment plan. These plans may include chemical peels, PRP, Microneedling, threads, Laser Resurfacing, and many more. Hence, depending on the procedure chosen and the referenced method of medication, the expense and duration may differ. The main aim of these procedures is only one, which is to reduce the acne as well as the scars of different types from your skin to promote a healthy mental as well as physical lifestyle.

Dark Underarms

Are you afraid of wearing sleeveless clothes because of the dark underarms? If yes, then you need to seek expertise from Amara. Here they include conventional as well as contemporary methods of whitening the underarm. However, their procedure starts with assessing the condition of the skin. After that, they may prescribe a suitable procedure for treating the dark underarms. Their prescribed methods may be using Brightening and resurfacing peels or Carbon Laser Therapy. Depending on the darkness under the arm, they may even suggest High Frequency or Microcurrent Therapy as well. To know which procedure will suit you, get consulted by our experts.

Skin Tanning : Peel Treatment

Maintaining the purity of the skin in the hustle and hustle of easy life is something very demanding. Although many choose to place their trust in sunscreen, it can only do limited tasks. To remove the tan on your skin, you must seek extensive care. The experts use Peel treatment in Amara to lessen the effects of sun-tanned skin. Moreover, this method also helps the skin in exfoliating it quickly and further regeneration the skin cells by discarding the tanned skin layers. Normally the specialist may use different types of Peels depending on your skin type and degree of sunburn. The different concentration strengths are directed in the procedure to treat the dark and ranked skin. Hence, it will remove the superficial dead layers of skin with excessive melanin.

BB Glow Facial

Years of tanning and unattended skin routine could cause your skin to become dull and lifeless. Instant glow is what you need to provide your skin that luscious and lush it deserves. In Amara, Dr. Purva and her team will provide you with a pain-free and revolutionary method of facial using nanoneedles to inflict instant glow on the otherwise dull skin. The method includes the insertion of nano-needles. These are very small, having 0.15mm in length and thickness. Upon insertion, they will create channels for transdermal delivery to the upper layer of the epidermis. The delivery of the active ingredients provides nutritional supplements to the skin. This procedure is very famous among those who are in need of serum infusion treatment. Hence, one can choose to go through this procedure for pigmentation reduction, increased cell turnover, and skin rejuvenation.

Tag, Mole and Warts Removal

Tags, moles, and warts can add to our external beauty, but sometimes, the apparent placement of such elements can give rise to discomfort. If you want to remove warts, mole, and tag from your skin, then seek the help of Amara. Dr. Purva has charted out two methods to remove them. One is the laser method, while the other includes the usage of an electrocautery pen. Electrocautery is a popular way to remove warts from the body using heat generated from electricity. The electricity is used as an active element to heat the needles which will assist in removing the wart. Whereas the laser is used to remove moles. It is one of the common methodologies that doctors use to destroy mole tissue. The light radiation is used to fully eliminate moles. Both procedures are pain-free and cost-effective.

Dark Neck

Afraid of showing your neck? Dark neck is a culmination of hormonal imbalance. However, it is not only limited to this issue. The skin around your neck is prone to darkening due to sun exposure, or other skin-related conditions. Moreover, this issue could lead the person to experience an altered texture of the skin around their neck. To fight such a widespread issue, the experts have included some current methods such as carbon laser therapy, or High Frequency, or Microcurrent Therapy. Depending on the condition of the skin, they may even suggest the procedure of brightening and resurfacing peels.

Dark Lips to Pink Lips

Here in Amara, we offer two procedures to lighten the pigmentation of the lips. Those two methodologies performed by our experts are

Process1- Permanent Makeup


Permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing, or rather scientifically known as Micropigmentation is a procedure that tends to store the shading color that lies underneath the outer layer of the lip’s skin. Normally, the experts will use the micro pigmentation or corrective inking machine to restore the color on the lip mucous.


Process2- Chemical peeling


Chemical peeling is comparatively a safer procedure when it is performed by qualified individuals in Amara. The chemical peeling method for the lips tends to restore the lusciousness of the lip by exfoliating it thoroughly.