Privacy Policy For Amara Clinic

Amara Clinic by Dr. Purva recognizes the obligation to adhere to the highest standard of integrity for the users of the site. Therefore, we have generated certain privacy practices to preserve these standards. The regulation complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Practices Act. We are committed to implementing the needed measures to protect the privacy of our users. Although we respect the privacy of our users, we collect certain relevant information from and about our users. However, we do not release personally identifiable information about users of this Website without their permission.


Effect of the related documents


Our Privacy Policy coordinates itself with our Terms of Service, Disclaimer, and other published guidelines. It governs your interaction and use of this Website.


Periodic policy changes


Please note that Amara Clinic may review the privacy policy from time to time to fit the requirements. Hence, the privacy policy is subjected to change.


Opt-out option


If you desire to remove your personally identifiable information from the database of Amara Clinic, then contact our representatives directly. Reasonable efforts will be used to comply with your request. Although, note that there will be reasonable residuals of information found on the internal historical records.


Finding out which information is available


If you want to know which kind of information Amara has stored about you in its database, you are required to contact the representatives of Amara Clinic yourself. You may require to include your e-mail address, name, and other information in the same format that you have originally supplied Amara with. It is done so to ensure finding the proper information.


Information we gather of our user


Amara offers online resources specifically designed to provide health, medical as well as product-related information and services such as chat with the doctors for the convenience of the user. Moreover, we may include communities, discussion forums, phone consultations, e-mail communications for the sake of strengthening the awareness of our client. For the said purposes, we require personally identifiable as well as non-personally identifiable information.


Personally identifiable information


In certain areas of our website, we require you to provide us with personally identifiable data so that we can use it to build a thorough medical history in our database. For instance, we may ask you for your name, contact information. These will be added to our database so that in terms of emergency, services, or future opportunities we can contact you. Such contact data that we may gather include email, telephone number, mobile number, as deemed fit by Amara. They may also collect your health information so that accurate treatment can be provided to you.


Billing Information


Our services are paid services. Hence, we may require additional information related to your contact details, billing address, credit card information, and any other materials that are used for payment. We collect the data to furnish you with consultancy and counseling services.


How we use the information we gather


Amara Clinic uses the information received from our users or clients to provide services that are in their best interests. Hence, make clear the fact that your data may be accessible to Amara Clinic and its representatives.


How We Use Personally-Identifiable data


Normally, Amara Clinic provides its users with the notice that personally identifiable information will be collected during the web-browsing process. Moreover, this privacy policy also serves the purpose of notice that we collect such information under specific circumstances. We may use certain information to enhance your experience. Additionally, Amara Clinic may give your provided information to the administrator so that they can respond to your query. Your inquiry will be researched thoroughly by our information team who will respond to you the same.


Although Amara reserves the right to disclose the data contained in the access log concerning any client if the user violates our Terms of Services, Disclaimer or Privacy Policy and other guidelines.