To some extent, hair loss is a common issue that every woman and man is going through all over the globe. While many are choosing to undergo the knife for a quick result, many are resorting to Mesotherapy. So what is this procedure? Mesotherapy is generally a non-surgical alternative method for promoting hair regrowth. This procedure involves providing the scalp with an extensive boost of vitamins which results in improving the flow of blood for the growth of hair. Hence, this procedure is suited for treating bald patches as this treatment will aim towards activating the follicles to showcase positive results. However, depending on the bald patch, the expense, as well as the duration of the treatment, may be decided.

Botox for Hair

Everyone has heard of keratin and cysteine treatment, but have you heard of botox treatment for hair? Yes, it is done in Amara at a super-affordable rate. The hair botox is normally a formaldehyde-free deep conditioning treatment that does not include any chemicals. This non-chemical procedure involves coating the surface of the hair of the individual with less damaging compounds to fight frizzy hair. Hence, if you want to have frizz-free and voluminous as well as shiny hair, you have to try this at least once. It is more effective for those who have damaged hair. Consult our doctors to get their two cents on the matter.

Hair Loss Control

Are you suddenly losing a handful of hair? Or have you, unfortunately, spotted a bald spot on your head? If you notice these two symptoms while combing your hair, you need to consult the experts in Amara for hair loss control. The methodology for the treatment may be varied depending on the severity of the bald patches and the hair loss. However, the multiple options of treatment including Mesotherapy, Combination Therapy, and Hair Regrowth treatment among others will help you get it under control. Moreover, the diagnosis may even be product-application-based. The medication can be applied in conjunction. However, the methodology and the duration for which one has to continue to apply such products rely on the advice of the experts only. Consult the experts in Amara to know more.

Hair Regrowth Treatment

While many swear by applying essential oils while minimizing chemically-induced products to regrow their hair, the outcome may not match the desires of the individual. The Internet is flooded with “natural” methods of regrowing hair, however, nothing can beat the treatment plan provided by the specialists in Amara. The experts in Amara tend to delve deeper into the matter to find an effective method of medication that will surely yield a productive and positive result. Normally, the methodology may include the application of topical products on the scalp in conjunction. However, depending on the extension of the patches, the therapy may change.

Combination Therapy

When Monotherapies fail, turn to combination therapy. Combination therapy is a method that seeks to restore the growth of hair. Scientifically, it has combined three modern and proven treatment hair growth options to create an ultimate non-surgical procedure for the deliverance of effective results. This procedure is also called TriGen+ with PRP. TriGen+ with PRP generally amalgamates platelet-rich plasma therapy along with the power of low-level laser therapy. The specific wavelength of light emitted from the low-level laser stimulates the growth of hair meanwhile the PRP is a form of regenerative medicine that holds the power to harness, and thus amplify the natural growth of hair. The experts in Amara are skilled with natural abilities to perform the combination therapy at ease.

Hydrotherapy for Hair

Lifeless and dull hair can take away the limelight pretty easily. Moreover, in high humidity, it is easier for hair to lose moisture content and become dryer with time. Frizzy hair requires an enriched hair care treatment that will hydrate the scalp beneath the surface of underlying dirt. If you want extensive hydrating therapy, seek HHT or hair hydrotherapy in Amara at a cost-effective rate. The experts at Amara recommend Hair Hydrotherapy because of its potential to increase the blood circulation in the scalp, thus improving the health of hair. Moreover, the therapy will aim towards cleansing the scalp and draining out the dead skin cells. By doing so, much-needed moisture will be added to the hair as well as the scalp, which will prevent breakage. Hence, this procedure will keep your hair healthy and nourished.

Stem cell Therapy

The stem cell bake transplant is an advanced method of improving the condition of hair growth as this procedure seeks to remove a large number of hairs to transplant to the area where patches of baldness have been noticed. Hence, the stem cell hair transplant seeks to remove the small skin sample from the recipient in which the hair follicles are harvested. It requires an expert to perform the procedure as stem cell hair restoration can help regrow the hair through a combination of therapies. Normally, the therapies that the treatment includes are cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma treatment. With the amalgamation of the right methodologies and medications, one can prevent hair loss.

HF Therapy for Hair Follicles Penetration.

High-frequency therapy is considered one of the essential treatments for hair growth. It is a vasodilator that will help improve blood circulation as well as enhance the blood supply to the hair follicles whilst being treated. The experts in Amara will use this method to dead vital nutrients to the hair bulb. This procedure will encourage healthier and robust growth for your hair. Normally, the hair follicles develop from the ectoderm presented in the embryos. They hold the potential to cyclically regenerate utilising adequate spatiotemporal signaling molecules. These molecules are crucial in conserving organogenesis during adulthood. Get this complex yet effective procedure done in Amara by experts at a cost-effective rate.

PRP for Hair

PRP is one of the most popular therapies ever sought by respondents coming to fix their bald patches. PRP consists of a large number of proteins as well as growth factor mediums in it. Studies have shown that due to the rich content of the tissue repairing components, the PRP can be successfully administered. The effect of the administration of PRP could solve select cases of hair loss. Certain types of hair loss issues from the damage occurred to the hair follicles. So, what PRP does is restores the integrity of the follicles and prompts them to rejuvenate. Normally the procedure of restoration can be noticeable in about four to six weeks. However, depending on the graveness of the case, it may take months. The duration, as well as the total expense of the procedure, will depend on the case study. Consult the experts in Amara to know more.

Laser Hair Reduction (LHR)

The procedure of Laser Hair Reduction treatment is considered as being more of a permanent hair removal option. Although it falls under the category of hair removal options, it is more advanced and effective, as well as thoroughly comprehensive compared to the traditional methods of removing body hair. Such methods of waxing, shaving or using epilators to peel off body hair pale in comparison to laser hair reduction. The professionals in Amara use this method for its efficient outcome. Normally, a laser emits a light that the pigment, or rather known as melanin, in the hair absorbs solely. The light energy then converts to heat which, in turn, razes the tube-shaped sacs with the hair follicles of your skin. By destroying the follicles that are responsible for producing hair, an inhibition is noticed in future hair growth. In Amara, the following laser hair removal therapy is available.


  1. Face Hair Reduction
  2. Under Arms Hair Reduction
  3. Legs Hair Reduction