Routine Dental Checkup

Regular dental checkups are an important part of keeping yourself hygienic and maintaining oral health. As it is a part of preventive health care, one must conduct a routine check-up through experts … Read More

Tooth Extraction

Is your gum in pain? Are you having difficulties chewing even the softest of grubs? Some issues cannot be salvaged only with the consumption of medicine. Sometimes extreme procedures need to be included … Read More

Dental Scaling

Can you see the plaques spreading? If yes, it is the right time to consult a dentist in Amara to get dental scaling done. Scaling is a procedure that follows the removal of … Read More

Dental Filling

Do you know what cavities lead to? Cavities are the onset of decay of your tooth. To inhibit the procedure of decay, you need to get dental filling done in Amara. The specialists here use dental fillings to treat cavities as … Read More

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment or scientifically known as endodontic is a dental procedure. This particular procedure is used to treat infections that could happen at the center of the tooth. The consultant in Amara … Read More


Considering getting an implant? Choose Amara. Implants are generally a surgical component that interfaces with the bone of the jaw or the skill so that it can support the dental prosthesis. This prosthesis can be crown… Read More


Early, late, or even irregular loss of teeth, or even the delayed growth in adult teeth are the symptoms of requiring braces. Moreover, if you notice that your teeth are starting to meet abnormally or not at all, you can ask… Read More

Invisible Aligners

Clear aligners are normally orthodontic devices that are normally transparent. These are normally plastic forms of dental braces that are used to adjust the teeth. The procedure of invisible aligners has changed much .. Read More

Crowns and Bridges

Dental bridges and dental crowns are essential forms of prosthetic devices that could help you bring back your long-lost jovial smile. In terms of dentistry, a crown is used when the tooth gets damaged or fractured…. Read More

Dental Jewellery

Dental jewelry is a cosmetic dental procedure that has been trending for some time now. Rather known as a tooth gem, this particular procedure seeks to attach a small rhinestone jewel to the surface of a tooth using … Read More

Teeth Whitening

Are you worried about opening your mouth in front of a huge crowd because of the yellowish stain on your teeth? It is time for you to consider getting tooth whitening. Tooth whitening is a procedure that includes bleaching… Read More

Pedodontic Checkup

Pedodontic signifies the treatment that follows the regular check-up of a child’s oral health. It is believed that children’s teeth are more prone to decay and cavities because their mouth comes into which … Read More