AMARA by Dr. Purva

is an established organization in Jaipur where the health and wellness specialist having immense knowledge in the realm of cosmetology, dentistry and trichology reside. With Dr. Purva at the center, the institution has been thriving for 7+ years. As one of the leading places where skin and hair treatments have been made affordable for the commons, Amara seeks to bring the best that any Dentist, Cosmetologist, and Trichologist has to offer using holistic and advanced methods of treatment. Amara, the skin, hair, and dental clinic brings you methods of treatments that emphasize the improvement of relaxation and revitalization since 2015. Here, you can avail of skin services such as vampire facial, botox, hydra facial therapy, etc, hair therapy that includes mesotherapy, hair loss control, etc, and dental treatments that cover procedures such as root canal, putting braces, and more.


The mission that Amara by Dr. Purva shares is to help the patient get the reach of holistic wellness care using a research-based approach.


The specialists in Amara have shared the vision of spreading a philanthropic notion. Their goal is to develop a community of experts in each field who can deliver quality results backed by unparalleled service and patient focus.


Dr. Purva Jingar

Global Achievers Award 2021
Best Skin and Hair Care Clinic

Qualifications: BDS, PGDCC, PGDMT, Laser Aesthetician

Specialty: Dentist, Trichologist, and Cosmetologist

Treatments: Skin, Hair, and Dental Treatments